Alluah Property Management currently has a limited amount of regions available for portfolio management assistance.

  • Rent Roll too small to justify employing staff?
  • Need help with trust accounting and staying on top of legislation?
  • Have a large amount of clients or contacts that would love you to open your own business but you don't know how?
  • Ready to "go it alone" but need someone to help you along the way?
  • Want a partner that can handle all of the back-end management?
Alluah Property Management can help with portfolio partnerships in various regions throughout Queensland.
Income and asset sharing options available for the following scenarios.
  • Total portfolio management allowing you to focus solely on sales.
  • Exclusive joint business model for certain regions within Queensland.
  • Partial portfolio management taking away the back-end management hassles. 
  • Easy termination process.

We may be able to help!

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