Preparing your property for the rental market

If you have just purchased an investment property or are planning on renting out your own home, then there are a few things you should be doing in order to attract quality tenants quickly.

Professional photography for advertising is highly recommended. Although you may have a great camera, a professional photographer that specializes in real estate will always be able to show off your property in the best light. These photos will drive prospective tenants to view your property.

Whilst the property is being advertised the lawns and gardens should be maintained to a high standard. When your property is being viewed the lawns and gardens will be one of first things seen and will leave an impression. If you have a pool, ensure it is sparkling clean.

The power should be left on or reconnected if necessary. There is nothing worse than trying to show a prospective tenant a dark house. You should also ensure that all lights are in working condition and any dull or dim bulbs are replaced with bright bulbs.

Most importantly ensure the property is clean. Have the carpets steam cleaned and If the budget allows have some professional cleaners do a few hours. They will ensure that the property is cleaned and presented to the highest standard. Tenants will also need to return the property to the same standard of cleanliness so the extra effort will pay off.

It is important to remember that there are some legislative obligations around things like safety switches, smoke alarms and pool safety compliance so ensure you speak with your agent with regards to these requirements.

Taking these basic but important steps when preparing your property for the rental market will ensure you get high quality prospective tenants enquiring, inspecting and hopefully applying sooner.

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